Newest addition to the Floki family...

Grandpa Floki


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Meet Floki

Where it all began... Meet Grandpa Floki's eldest son: Floki!

Passive Income

Hold $GFLOKI, get rewarded in $FLOKI AND $flokijr

Hey Sonny! Welcome to Grandpa's house. Would you believe.. at my age! I have fallen in love with NFT's. And I keep hearing about juicy rewards on the BSC chain as well. Maybe we can bring these things together through my son $FLOKI and his son $FLOKIJR! We are deployed on BSC as a true double reward reflection token (3%$FLOKI + 3% $FLOKIJR). 100% liquidity locked, 100% doxxed dev, 100% SAFU!! Bridging our token over to the Ethereum network is the second phase and most important. We want to completely revolutionize the way NFT's are traded. $GFLOKI will bring a whole new world and life to the NFT space, for BSC and ETH alike. Transparency, security, and longevity is our game, while building a fun and interactive community along the way. All while completely participating in passive income, NFT marketplaces and a strong community vibe. Welcome to $GFLOKI, you're family here.


Buy/sell tax

Every buy/sell comes with a 10% tax to maintain our rewards and stability! Here is what the tax is used for:

  • 6% Rewards (3% $FLOKI, 3% $FLOKIJR)
  • 3% Marketing
  • 1% Liquidity (Keeps the coin stable)


Phase 1

  • Contract Deployment✔️
  • Contract Testing✔️
  • Stealth Launch✔️
  • 50K Market Cap✔️
  • 100 Holders (Giveaway)✔️
  • Partnership with $FLOKIJR✔️
  • AMA with 80k+ members✔️

Phase 2

  • Website Upgrade✔️
  • 500 Holders
  • $1000 $FLOKI giveaway
  • NFT Shilling Contest
  • Deployment to Ethereum Network
  • Bridge BSC and ETH contracts
  • 500K Market Cap
  • 2000 Holders

Phase 3

  • $FLOKIFAMILY NFT Collection
  • 1M Market Cap
  • 5000 Holders
  • CEX Listings
  • More to come...


Floki Family Newsletter
I would like to take this time to welcome everyone to the first edition of the FLOKI FAMILY NEWSLETTER! I would like to welcome everyone to the FLOKI FAMILY! In this newsletter, we will give all holders a sneak peak of where this project is headed!

We are going down a very exciting path right now! We are in the works of launching our own NFT marketplace (bridging ETH & BSC), a FLOKI FAMILY ECOSYSTEM, and our own crypto education program! These projects will take time, so bear with us, and enjoy the ride! Here is a quick sneak peek into the future of the FLOKI FAMILY!

What Is the NFT Marketplace?
The NFT marketplace will be a platform where NFT artists on the Ethereum network will be able to transfers NFTs from ETH to BSC. Our mission is to have talented artists to share their projects on both blockchains! This is only the beginning, we will touch more on it later, as we get closer to our release date!

The idea of a FLOKI FAMILY ECOSYSTEM, is to start a lineage of Floki tokens that reward it users with Floki Inu Tokens and another FLOKI FAMILY token (Floki Jr/GrandpaFloki)! We want to bring STABILITY to our family by supporting all the family members within the FLOKI FAMILY by piggy backing off one another to stack the rewards! By holding all the FLOKI FAMILY TOKENS, we will become the most STABLE ECOSYSTEM IN THE WORLD!

What is Crypto/NFT Education?
Crypto/NFT education is exactly what it sounds like, educating everyone on crypto and NFT’s! The Floki Family has realized that there is no trusted source on crypto education, we would like to change that! The Floki Family believe that crypto is for everyone and everyone needs to know how crypto currency works and how to safely invest into crypto currency projects! The Floki Family envisions everyone of all ages using crypto currency, responsibly and safely! Since this is a new concept, we don’t want anyone to borrow any ideas and we will touch more on this project as we get farther down the road!

“How Can I Help?”

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “how can I help”? Well, that’s easy, simply promote the FLOKI FAMILY brands on all social media platforms and to join the conversation by following the FLOKI JR AND GRANDPA FLOKI’S social media platforms! Don’t forget to promote the FLOKI JR GIVEAWAY, we want to give back to a couple lucky holders when we reach one of our milestones! Our main goal is to bridge the gap between the Ethereum network and the Binance network, to make ONE HAPPY FAMILY

How to Buy


Buy BNB through major exchange (Binance, Coinbase, etc)


Create MetaMask wallet and send BNB to your MetaMask wallet


Go to PancakeSwap in the browser and swap BNB for $GFLOKI


Enjoy the rewards!!!!


meet the team


Founder, Senior Blockchain Developer


Founder, Chief Financial Officer


Founder, Unity Developer, Chief Operating Officer


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Marketing Officer


Web Developer

Join the Community

Grandpa Floki would be nothing without it's community! Join our telegram here to become a part of the community, give suggestions, be a part of giveaways, and much more!

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We are currently searching for NFT artists, shillers, graphic artists, educators, moderators, etc. You can send in your application here and let us know how you can help out!

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